Every Link is different

All products have one thing in common:
They can be converted and used extremely quickly and easily.

SmallBizLinks are designed to meet the needs of local businesses, i.e. food business, hairdressing.
  • Duration: unlimited
  • Free printable templates for direct printout and posting
  • Provision of link for social media and website
  • Applications by e-mail
  • 8 applications incl.; from the 9th profile on, each additional profile checked by you costs 8 EUR → no cost risk
StandardLinks are individual links that lead to job-specific chats. The links can be integrated anywhere to reach candidates everywhere.
  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Talk'n'Job can only be used with a valid and monthly cancelable workplace license.
  • A web-based user administration is available. This is independent of a valid workplace license.
  • Volume prices are available if more links are required.
AzubiLinks are particularly suitable for searches that run throughout the year (e.g. trainees). For example, promotional materials or online posts can continue, without any adjustment of the links.
AzubiLinks have the same scope of services as StandardLinks.
With the following adjustments:
  • Duration: 12 months.
  • The workplace license is integrated in the price.
  • Volume prices refer to the number of applicants.
Larger companies need individual solutions, which we are happy to work out with you. This certainly includes the possibility of integration into existing applicant management systems.
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